Thursday, November 6, 2008

Club Meeting This Saturday 11/8

There will be a Dutch Dubbers club meeting this Saturday at 10am at America on Wheels. Please come out we will be discussing the recap of the show & will have some leftover goodies to share. Also the museum has switched out their cars upstairs, come check them out & support AOW.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

VW FEST 2008

Thank you to everyone for making our first charity show a great success.

All of us at the Dutch Dubbers VW cub, the organizers, the entire volunteer staff, we wish to thank all of those individuals who helped, donated, and participated in all the fundraising activities throughout the 5 weeks. We also want to thank all of the area business's who donated to our door prizes raffle. We could not be prouder of VW friends and our community for reaching out and helping us not only meet our fundraising goal, but to exceed it. The whole Dutch Dubbers Club team pulled together. A special Thank you to Dave and Alan! and I am really proud of all of you!

We raised a total of $776.

Pictures from VW FEST 2008>

Full winners list will be posted later this week, please check back!

Fall Leaf Cruise 2008

The Dutch Dubbers went up rt100 to rt309. Stopped for ice cream at the Dairy. Then west on rt895 until the big climb up Hawk Mtn. Up the HILL------------down the HILL-- thru a little valley. Very Senic! The Red 70 Bug is fresh built squeaked his tires every chance he got! LOL. The
neat-o orange Super has wide fenders and big meats and a sparkle paint job like we made back in the 70'S. Jim's bronze early ragroof body/late pan combo has some cool body mods. OH and that guy brought a Rabby Cabby just to spoil the symmmmmmetry. And the camper bus made it up all the hills AOK.

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