Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Show Calendar

Be sure to visit our 2009 Show Calendar here>

In addition here are a few upcoming events; please be sure to check back on the site often for updates!

Info on the Aircooled Extravaganza!
As of last week Air-cooled Extravaganza has lost their venue. Hard economic times have caused Dover VW to have to drop the show and sponsorship of our trophies. We still plan on having the show and at this time we're desperately searching for a new venue. We'd like to reach out to our friends, members and fellow VW clubs at this time for help and suggestions.

Club Tech Workshop
It's about time we ran a tech workshop. Faulkner VW will be hosting on per month starting in May. This one will be about servicing an engine - oil change, valves, points etc. Date & location Faulkner VW in Allentown…. after the May 9th Meeting @ 11:30am!

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