Friday, July 27, 2012


VW FEST 2012 is fast approaching.  This year the show will benefit the RACE FOR ADAM organization.

The Race for Adam Foundation, a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to funding research projects to find a treatment and cure for Niemann-Pick Type C disease (NP-C) and related neurodegenerative disorders, began in 2005.  In July of that year, Sean and Amy Recke’s seven-year old son, Adam, was diagnosed with NP-C, a genetic neurodegenerative disorder for which there is no cure.  Due to the family’s kindness and respect for everyone, the community came together to help them; they are a family who has shown great patience, strength and hope in this time of urgency.  Adam has touched the lives of everyone he has met, and continues to embrace life with a perfect smile. With the support of the community, a seed of hope has grown and continues to branch through events that will promote awareness and funding for research into NP-C and related neuro-degenerative disorders.  The Foundation is named in honor of Adam Recke.
Read more at the RACE FOR ADAM website.

Monday, July 23, 2012

VWFEST 2012 Awards Categories Announced

32 show classes this year, along with a brand new award design...hint it's not on fake wood, home-aid or's an award you can actually use!!!
  1. Adam’s Choice 
  2. Best of Show 
  3. Best Exterior 
  4. Best Interior 
  5. Best Paint 
  6. In Progress 
  7. First Place – Type 1 
  8. Second Place – Type 1 
  9. First Place – Type 2 
  10. Second Place – Type 2 
  11. First Place – Type 3 
  12. Second Place – Type 3 
  13. First Place – Thing 
  14. Second Place – Thing 
  15. First Place – Ghia 
  16. Second Place – Ghia 
  17. First Place – Dune Buggy 
  18. Second Place – Dune Buggy 
  19. First Place – Air Other 
  20. Second Place – Air Other 
  21. First Place – Vanagon 
  22. Second Place – Vanagon 
  23. First Place – GTI/Rabbit/Golf 
  24. Second Place – GTI/Rabbit/Golf 
  25. First Place – Jetta/Passat 
  26. Second Place – Jetta/Passat 
  27. First Place – Corrado/Scirocco 
  28. Second Place – Corrado/Scirocco 
  29. First Place – New Beetle/The Beetle 
  30. Second Place – New Beetle/The Beetle
  31. First Place – Water Other 
  32. Second Place – Water Other
*Please note: All classes subject to change.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deutsche Classic & Meeting


We will be attending this Saturday 7/14 Deutsche Classic in Fleetwood, PA in addition since the is on Sunday we will hold our meeting at the Deutsche Classic event. Please look for the Dutch Dubbers Tent and banner & stop by!

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