Sunday, October 7, 2012

Covered Bridge Cruise - Oct 21st

The Dutch Dubbers will be holding their annual Fall cruise on October 21st. Below are the details, stops and meetup times. Should you have any questions please contact us or discuss on our facebook event page.

Planning to go? Please RSVP here>

Route is as follows:
  1. We are meeting at the Target parking lot 1600 N Cedar Crest Blvd, it's just north of Rt22 12:00 Sunday Oct 21st
  2. Guth Bridge
  3. Wehr's Bridge
  4. Rex's Bridge
  5. Geiger's Bridge
  6. Schleichers Bridge


Unknown said...

This club is cool. Going around with different volkswagen cars is a great experience. It makes you feel like your back in the vintage times.

SM Blogger said...
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Unknown said...

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