Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time to get your Volkswagen ready

Many members of the Lehigh Valley Dutch Dubbers Volkswagen club have more than one VW.  Most Dutch Dubbers do have Volkswagens of the more vintage type.  They may also have a more recent water-cooled VW that they use as a daily driver.
Hopefully, all our water-cooled members take care of their VW's on a daily basis. For those air-cooled owners, now is the time to start getting ready for spring meetings, shows, and cruises.
      The first thing you should do is a visual inspection of your car. Look around and take notice. Look at wiring, hoses, cables, and tubing.  Cracking, fraying, leaking or disconnected items should be noted. You will come back to those after your initial inspection. Check the tension on your belts. Remember to use a V-belt as a replacement.  Check oil level.  Does it smell like gas?  Take note. Check to make sure that your fuel cap seals properly. Listen to your doors. Do they squeak?  You should keep notes about the squeaky doors also so you can create a list of issues.  This will allow you to gather all the things you need to get your Volkswagen ready for driving season.   Look over the battery terminals and check for corrosion.
     When checking all your hoses and cables,  make sure your look underneath.  Check the transmission for leaks and the almost always present oil drips.  Gaskets dry out and seals need replacement.  Take note of all of this.  If you  have done visual inspections and everything looks ok, get your fire extinguisher and have it handy.  Double check oil level, connect battery, and if you have enough fuel, crank it over. Check all lights before moving the car.  This includes headlights, tail/brake lights and turn signals.  Take note of any safety issues which would prevent you from taking a test drive.  If none are found  let it warm up and try a test drive.  Do not listen to music, listen to your Volkswagen.  Take note of any "sounds" that you hear.
     When you have completed a test drive you should check the oil again.  Notice the level, smell, and the temperature of the dip stick. If the stick is too hot to handle then take note of that. That test drive surely got you going didn't it?  Now you can't wait to take it out again.  First you must look over your list that you created. Next, plan on what parts you need and what tools are required.  Now put your plan into action and get your Volkswagen ready for fun. If you have questions, drop a message here and we can help. We want you and your Volkswagen ready for the Dutch Dubbers May 19th show.

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