Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dutch Dubbers Announce New Membership Model

The Dutch Dubbers are pleased to announce their new membership model.

Over the past few years the club has significantly grown, in addition we always are looking on how best to accommodate our members, their cars and their travels to and from shows/events. We needed to change and improve so we are enrolled to become an chapter club with Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. We are excited to share what do you get when you become a member, under this new model.

  • Enrolled as a Club Member of “Vintage VW Club of America” 
  • 50% off entry to Annual DD Car Shows (May 19th, August 17th) 
  • (1) Member T-Shirt 
  • (2) Member Decal 
  • (1) VVWCOA Decal 
  • 20% off Dutch Dubber Club Merchandise 
  • Access to Facebook Group 
  • Picture of Car displayed in members section of website 
  • Able to attend monthly club meetings

The annual cost for the new membership is $25.

So what does this mean if I'm not a member today? We are accepting new members, you can join in a few different ways:

1) By visiting our club membership page here>

2) Come to a monthly meeting and sign-up in person

3) At a Dutch Dubber event such as our Spring Cruise-in>

What if I was registered under the old free membership? You will need register under the new model within the next 60 days in order to gain the benefits above and coverage offered by VVWCOA as well as participate in our Facebook Group.

We thank you for all the support!

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