Thursday, October 31, 2013

November Club Member Meeting

Fellow members, please attend our final member meeting of the year, Saturday November 9th 10am at America On Wheels.

Agenda will be:
  • Recap 2013 shows, events and donations
  • A look ahead to 2014
  • Review of Dutch Dubber officers
  • Renewals/Nominations for new officers

Special gift to everyone who attends!!!

This is an important meeting and we urge everyone who can attend to be present. If you not a member yet please register online here>

Note: A special December officer only meeting will be held in December.

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Unknown said...

Now, I know this is a "health club" and as far as everything else is concerned its fantastic. The spa is great, the pool is great, the aerobics, spinning classes , basketball courts, restaurants etc etc etc are all amazing... fitness first sunshine coast